Customer Care

A short course designed for people working in customer service who need a good level of English. Ideal for people who work in the sales or customer service department of companies. It will help people who have direct contact with customers either face-to-face or on the telephone. The language skills and specific techniques, together with the expressions and vocabulary presented in this course will allow you to communicate successfully.

This course covers:


1. Introduction to Customer Care
  • Customer care success
  • Customer care business and jobs
 2. Face to face with customers
  • Body language
  • A company visit
  • Trade fairs
  • The invisible customer
 3. Dealing with customers on the phone
  • General telephoning
  • The 'customer care' phone call
  • What the customers really hear
4. Call centre success
  • Taking an order
  • Hotline
  • Customer-centred call centres
5. Delivering customer care through writing
  • Effective letters and emails
  • formal and informal writing styles
6. Dealing with problems
  • Complaint strategies and policies
  • The letter of apology
  • Explaining company policy